Windsor Slovak Rozmarin Dancers is a non-profit cultural organization that has, for the past 33 years, brought pleasure to the Windsor community, and beyond, in a variety of ways. The group is comprised of boys and girls between the ages of 6 to 12 years.

Our Members

Tina Dobos Eaton Dubreuil Megan Dubreuil Olivia Gallo Isabelle Letwin Sam Letwin Ian McPhee Jacklyn Stano Martin Vavrak Richard Vavrak

A message from the president

On behalf of the dancers and parents of Rozmarin, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to all of you this afternoon. Thank you for joining us today to celebrate both, Mother's Day as well as the 35th anniversary of Windsor Slovak Rozmarin dancers.

As you all know, the Windsor Slovak Rozmarin Dancers were established in 1973. The group's foundation was based on the dreams of the newcomers to Canada, hoping to carry on their tradition and culture. Throughout the years the Rozmarin's became not only a dance group, but also a group of friends, and dedicated families who strive to preserve the Slovak heritage; to pass it on to the young generation and to introduce it to the Windsor community and beyond.

Today, as in the past, the role of the group is to promote the Slovak identity and culture through song and dance. We are extremely proud of our young dancers and extend a special "thank you" to the teachers, Marianna Beno and Ana Dobos for their devotion, dedication and never-ending patience.

The Rozmarin dancers are undoubtedly encouraged by your attendance at their events and sincerely appreciate your continuous support. Without the supporters and collective hard work of all the parents, this group's dreams would not be possible.

Today's special event is the highlight of the Rozmarin's 2008 season. The kids are eager to showcase their talent in new routines that will be preformed for you today, and we trust that you will enjoy the performance. The upcoming months will certainly be a very busy and exiting time for Rozmarin's, as the dancers will be attending the Carousel Villages in Windsor, Expo by the River and one of the biggest heritage festivals in Scarborough at the end of June.

In closing, I would like to sincerely thank all of the parents, teachers and children for their hard work. Many thanks to our generous sponsors and to Sts. Cyril's Parish for their numerous contributions and support. We look forward to and are delighted while we wait in anticipation of the many new wonderful adventures ahead.

Vera Potocek
May 2008